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SilentEar reusable ear plugs are our most popular reusable earplugs, and for good reasons. SilentEar reusable ear plugs fit well into the ear and block all frequencies, making these ear plugs the ideal choice for helmet wear, for sleeping, and for general noise protection.


Most importantly, SilentEar is the most effective reusable noise reduction ear plug made; at NRR 32, no other reusable ear plug can offer the same amount of protection SilentEar does. Additionally, these ear plugs last for months or even years, making SilentEar one of the most economical reusable earplugs you can buy.

Patented structure consisting of a durable outer shell of soft, yet tough silicone rubber, filled with sound-deadening silicone gel inside gives SilentEar the highest rating of any reusable earplug in the world today (NRR 32)!
Hypo-allergenic, non-toxic materials.
Low-profile fit makes SilentEar easily fit under helmets for motorcycling.
Low-profile fit with clear flanges lets you remain inconspicuous while wearing your SilentEar ear plugs in public. They are great for trains, busses, planes and subways!
Alternate yellow flange provides for easy compliance checking in the workplace.
No-stem design lets most people comfortably use SilentEar for sleeping.
Three-point flange design makes SilentEar easy to grasp and remove from the ear.
Washable with ordinary mild soap and water.
With proper care, SilentEar can last for many months of daily use, making SilentEar an economical alternative to most other ear plug choices.
Durable carry case provided with every pair of SilentEar Reusable earplugs.

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